Chakra Colors

There are seven major chakras, plus many minor ones. Each chakra corresponds to specific glands, organs, and facets of your being. Each also has a distinct color, like the colors of the rainbow. Chakra colors, while usually staying within their respective color families, do change, however. For example, if you're feeling mellow, your third chakra might be a soft, buttery yellow, while if you're feeling very ambitious and energetic, it might be a bright, strong yellow. Your chakras can also contain small amounts of other colors, depending on what's going on with you. Such things as health, emotional state, emotional attachments, and thought forms can influence this.

NumberCommon English NameLocationColorRelated To
1Root ChakraBase of spineRedSurvival, safety, physical self
2Sacral ChakraLow abdomen, lower back, reproductive organsOrangeSexuality, creativity, pleasure
3Solar Plexus ChakraSolar Plexus (upper abdomen between navel and sternum)YellowPersonal power, will, self-esteem
4Heart ChakraCenter of body at heart levelGreenUnconditional love, healing
5Throat chakraBase of throatLight blueCommunication, truth, self-expression
6Brow chakra, Third EyeForehead, between and slightly above eyebrowsIndigoIntuitive sight (insight), physical sight; intellect
7Crown ChakraTop of headWhite or violetSpiritual life and experience, connection to the divine, sense of oneness, pure consciousness, transcendence

Variations in chakra color can indicate a person's present state of health and spiritual wellness. When the color of a chakra is a clear, appealing variation of the basic color, it's probably fairly healthy. Discolorations, especially muddy or gray shades or markings, can indicate imbalance, blockage, or pollution (e.g. from thought forms, unprocessed emotions, illness, drugs, addiction, depression, etc.). Streaking or weakness of color can also indicate problems. However, flecks of other colors in a chakra whose color is otherwise rich, pure, and strong do not indicate a problem. If you sense that one of your chakras needs some support, you might spend some time sending it a clear tint of its appropriate color.

What if you can't see the colors of the chakras? Truly, don't worry!. For the most part, I don't "see" them. Everyone experiences subtle energy differently, and one way is not better than another.

Chart and sources by Nancy Hausauer, the Energy Healing Site

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